Thomas Penzel


Thomas Penzel

Scientific Chair of Sleep Center, Physicist, Human Biologist, Physiologist, Somnologist, Principal Investigator of grant Nº 075-15-2019-1885 at Saratov State University, Russia


Dr. Thomas Penzel graduated from physics (1986), human biology (1991), and physiology (1995) at the University Marburg, Germany. In 1997 he received a certificate for sleep medicine and for medical informatics. In 2001 became extra-ordinate Professor at the University of Marburg. At the University hospital Marburg he started in 1982 and installed the first sleep lab in a Department for Internal Medicine in Germany. This lab initiated many activities in the field of sleep medicine like home sleep apnea testing, deriving sleep apnea and sleep stages from ECG and heart rate, sleep center accreditation, cardio respiratory coupling analysis, sleep physician training and certification, and conferences with engineers and physicians on sleep medicine. In 2006 he moved to Berlin to join the interdisciplinary sleep medicine center at the Charité University hospital. He received the Bial award for clinical medicine in Portugal 2001, the Bill Gruen Award for Innovations in Sleep Research by the Sleep Research Society in 2008, the Somnus Award by Sleep apnea patient groups in Germany 2012, and the distinguished development award by the Chinese sleep research society in 2014.

He is treasurer of the World Sleep Society (WSS), secretary of the German Sleep Society (DGSM), and board member of other societies. He authored more than 250 papers, book chapters and books. He is an editorial board member on journals in sleep research and biomedical engineering. His research focus is on new methods in sleep recording and cardiovascular consequences of sleep disorders. He is chair of the German IEEE EMB chapter and past chair of EMB TC cardiopulmonary systems.

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